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Vladimir Feierabend

Vladimir Feierabend is born on 7 July , 1924 in Prague, and is the younger son of Karel and Marie Feierabend. He is not yet 15 years old when Nazi Germany occupies Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939, which then becomes the "Protectorate of the Reich of Bohemia and Moravia". Waves of terror, arrests and deportation hit the people.



Memories of Vladimir Feierabend

Protectorate „Böhmen and Mähren“, Terezin, Dachau – Feierabend’s family


Vladimir Feierabend 1940

Memories of Vladimir Feierabend


The protectorate Böhmen and Mähren was a grim time for our family. Uncle Lada became a member of the Czechoslovakian government as a minister of agriculture. Also, he had joined the underground against Nazism, a movement called “Political Headquarters”. At the beginning of the year 1940 he was warned by Prime Minister Gen. Elias that his involvement in this movement was revealed and his life was in danger. With the help of Czech and Slovak patriots he managed to escape under dramatic circumstances which he described in detail in his memoirs. He travelled eastwards through the Balkan, then to France and eventually he arrived in England where he became a member of the Czech government in exile. This had consequences for our part of the family. The Gestapo looked for uncle Lade at our flat and we did not know whether the situation would turn against us.

Short biography of Max Mannheimer February 6, 1920 - September 23. 2016

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Short biography

Max Mannheimer 

February 6, 1920 - September 23. 2016



Jean Samuel



Jean Samuel, aka André Ratier, was arrested by the Gestapo on May 18, 1944, around noon, in his office, in Paris. The Germans burst into the office, guns in their hands, screaming "German police, hands up". A member of the network manages to escape but the end result is dramatic: one dead, one injured and the network destroyed.


Stanislav Zámečnik

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Stanislav Zámečník was born on November 12, 1922 in the Moravian village of Nivnice (Czechoslovakia). His father was a janitor in a school where his mother was a housekeeper. After the end of compulsory schooling, he becomes an apprentice pastry chef. On March 16, 1939, when he was 17 years old and the Nazi troops occupied his native Moravia, he was a member of the resistance group against the occupier. Arrested by the Wehrmacht at the end of 1939, he was imprisoned in several prisons, escaped and tried to leave his country, but was caught, taken back and deported by the Viena (Austria) Gestapo to Dachau where he arrived on 22 February 1941 (registration number 23947).

Ernst Sillem





His story told by Sydney Weith

at the KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau,

April 27- 2018





Ferdinand Berger

Ferdinant Berger A

Born in Graz, 27.11.1917
Participated in the civil war battles of 1934
as a member of a socialist youth group.

After that imprisonment.



Otto Adler



Otto was born in Cluj, Northern Transylvania, on May 4th, 1929, in a Jewish family.
He was a single child; His father, Isidor Mihai Adler was a specialized mechanical driver with an extensive practical experience, with less theoretical knowledge, but a lot of religious studies; His mother, Serena (Szera) Adler, born Fell, graduated high school having a high level of culture; she dedicated her life to her family and home.




Born in Vienna, May 4, 1914, as the son of a working-class family.

My father spent his childhood together with his three siblings in Vienna. He was a trained bookbinder and when I remember him it is always reading.
As a young man he was already engaged politically and after the events of February 1934 he dedicated himself to the rights of the working people.

The same year because of his active engagement against the increasing fascism in Austria, he was imprisoned in Wöllersdorf.


Jurij Piskunov

vlad yYurij Piskunov was born as one of three children on 22 December 1925 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. His father died when he was eight years old, his mother had to feed the family working in a locomotive repair work shop. Prior to the war Jurij had been able to attend a technical school for just one year. That was the time his political convictions started to grow in him. Although he never became a member of the Communist Party, he was always a committed communist and has remained so to this day. He calls himself a "communist in the heart".