My dear Vladimir,

After having fought bravely over the last few years, you have left us, gently falling asleep in peace. All of us here know your story and that of your family, of six, miraculously surviving the Nazi camps, and I will not go back to the 3 years you spent in Dachau.


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But then you wanted to bear witness to the existence of this camp, a model and symbol of violence and repression, in the first place towards political opponents of the Nazi regime.
You got involved in this memory work by accompanying, as a guide, several trips for young people. Then, as president of the Czech Association of Elders of Dachau, as well as member of the Executive Board of the International Committee of Dachau, for 30 years. You have always participated faithfully in our activities, being an example of wisdom and dignity.
The members of CID are moved by your departure and many have expressed their sadness, as have your many friends at the Dachau Memorial who hold you in high esteem. I quote their testimonies: gentleman, remarkable man, worthy of respect and admiration.
You impressed us by your listening skills, your reserve, and your discretion, always favouring harmony and unity.

As in your life as a doctor, you were attentive to everyone. With benevolence and serenity, you shared your humanity, your common sense and your simplicity.
We are all grateful for what you brought us. We have had the honour and the chance to know you a fundamentally good man and we will not forget you.
Farewell Vladimir and thank you.


Jean-Michel Thomas

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