Dr. des. Markus Wegewitz winner of the Zámečník Prize 2022.


Markus Wegewitz KL



On 30 April 2020, the award ceremony of the Stanislav Zámečník Prize will take place via video link. This year it has been awarded to Dr. des. Markus Wegewitz from Jena for his dissertation "Cultivated Anti-Fascism. Nicolaas Rost and the long struggle against National Socialism, 1919-1967." 







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Mr Wegewitz researched the political life of the writer and survivor of the Dachau concentration camp, Nicolaas Rost (1896-1967). Between Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia and the two German states, Rost acted as an intellectual mediator before and after 1945 and promoted the ideas of German-language literature. Especially against the background of his involvement in the associations of victims of National Socialism and his extensive activities in education, the question was raised how Rost's work was connected with the social debate on the European dimensions of National Socialism.

Mr Wegewitz's project was not intended as a classical biography but rather as a problem-oriented contextualisation. At the same time, he investigated the different forms of state policy on history, the network of German exile literature and the development of the forms and narratives of commemoration of the crimes of National Socialism.

The laudation will be held by jury members Hans de Vries and Annette Eberle. During the award ceremony, Mr Wegewitz will give a short overview of his dissertation.