In 2019, the Comité International de Dachau (CID) will again award the Stanislav Zámečník Research Award. The CID’s mission is to preserve the memory of the crimes in the Dachau concentration camp; it is an international association consisting of the organizations of former inmates of the Dachau concentration camp from 25 countries and their families. The Comité International de Dachau donates the study prize in memory of the victims of the National Socialist concentration and extermination camps, in particular in the Dachau concentration camp. The award has been given every two years since 2017; 6,000 euros are available for this.

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WeRememberIMG 6835

we remember what has happened out of respect for the victims and for the future of our children 

Invitation to the anniversary

Special exhibition at The Dachau Memorial

IMG 6174Sydney weith

On April 27th, the Dachau Memorial opened the special exhibition "Names not Numbers" - Dutch Political Prisoners in Dachau Concentration Camp. Sydney Weith, 21 year old, talked about former inmate Ernst Sillem, whom she met when she was 16. One could almost feel the close connection with the guest of honor sitting in front of her.

April 27, Ceremonies 2018


On the last friday of this month we honour those that died.

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Two days later we celibrate our liberation


Speech by Jean-Michel Thomas

IMG 6696


Commemorative ceremony of the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp of Dachau. April 29. 2018.

 "Let us remember the Munich Conference in 1938, 80 years ago, that of dishonor and dilatory cowardice. "




Speeches at the award ceremony

plakaat"Late April 1945, a train with nearly 3,000 deportees from the Mühldorf complex, an annex camp of the Dachau concentration camp, stopped in the station of the small town of Poing, only about 20 km from here,
The evacuation of these camps had begun shortly before. As, from Poing on, the railway line was no longer usable, the train remained blocked in Poing station
At first the atmosphere - at least for the local population – was of a deceptive calm.
A passer-by later recalled: "It was a beautiful sunny day and the SS were sitting on the embankment watching the prisoners. At about the same time, here in Munich, began the crucial phase of the "Freiheitsaktion Bayern" ("Bavaria Liberty Action"). The exact link between the insurgency attempt and the events taking place in Poing, is difficult to reconstruct
Any way, in the afternoon of April 27 or 28, the rumor that the war was over, circulated among the SS troops who were watching the train. Because of that, many SS guards left their posts, the doors were opened and the surprised prisoners thought they were free
They began to look for food and for that they also went to the village. The inhabitants later remembered that the SS guards informed them about the presumed end of the war and the release of concentration camp prisoners.
But when after about an hour,in Poing, it was clear that the news of the end of the war were false, the situation degenerated: suddenly, prisoners were no longer considered as being released, but as fugitives."

The Dachau International Committee study prize awarded for the first time



The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 17, at 17:00 in the auditorium of the

National Socialist Documentation Center, Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1 in Munich.



As long as..


As long as your grandchildren remember your story,

there's hope they need not experience your past.






Introduction Thesis Award

The Comité International de Dachau has established a Thesis Award. The Comité is funding the award in memory of the victims of the national-socialist concentration and extermination camps, in particular the concentration camp Dachau.

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G Hammermann aThe Order of Merit of the Italian Republic awarded to Gabrielle Hammermann

Late October, the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano awarded the Order of Merit to the director of the Dachau memorial.

I remember Dachau


For example at the urn containing At the urn IMG 6064
the ashes of the unknown prisoner
at the parade ground of the former
concentration camp Dachau.